EA scene 1140 St. Croix River near Mantua, Nova Scotia (c) Patrick Stewart.

Industrial, Regulatory, Environmental Assessment & Monitoring

Envirosphere provides knowledgeable personnel to manage the approval process for a wide range of industrial activities in the Nova Scotia environment. We've conducted environmental assessments, provincial registrations of a range of projects, federal Fisheries Act approvals for water-related projects, wetlands authorizations, and have experience in undertaking compensation and offset projects. Projects have involved facilities construction, highway bridge reconstruction, quarries, harbour dredging, and marine tidal energy installations.

Regulatory Approvals and Management, Freshwater, Marine and Wetlands

Envirosphere Consultants personnel provide expertise on obtaining authorizations for projects which impact fish-bearing waters and wetlands. We provide support through all stages of federal and provincial authorization processes, from on-site studies to environmental monitoring after projects are completed.

Environmental Assessment

Envirosphere Consultants personnel have experience with conducting environmental assessments required for certain types of projects both federally and provincially, to speed you through the approval process. We have been involved in assessments for dredging projects, tidal turbine installations, quarries, coastal infrastructure, and other industrial development in Atlantic Canada in support of regulatory approvals at both federal and provincial levels.

Wetland Alteration and Assessment

We've carried out many projects involving wetland, botanical, fisheries and bird species assessments of development sites. Put us on the ground and we can quickly and assuredly define the issues and approaches required to address these concerns.

Baseline Surveys and Environmental Monitoring

We provide biologists on the ground to conduct baseline studies in support of project requirements, for terrestrial, freshwater, and marine environments in Atlantic Canada. Call us and let us show you the way to successfully meeting your project requirements.

Pits and Quarries

Envirosphere Consultants conducts biophysical and socioeconomic assessments, registrations and renewals for Nova Scotia quarry operators. Let us work with you to quickly solve your regulatory problems.

Sample Projects

CEAA Screening Level Environmental Assessments, General. Rocky Lake Asphalt Transfer Facility. SLR Consulting, Halifax. 2009-2010.

EA of a proposed asphalt storage and transfer facility. Cape Forchu Tour Bus Turnaround. ABL Environmental, Dartmouth (2007). Assessment and fish habitat (HADD) approvals of the extension of a parking area at the lighthouse, Cape Forchu, Yarmouth County.

CEAA Screening Level Environmental Assessments for Bridge Replacements. SNC Lavalin (2008-ongoing).

Environmental Assessments for reconstruction of highway bridges in Nova Scotia including fish habitat evaluation: Davison Bridge (Herbert River), Ingramport Bridge (Ingram River), Northport Bridge (Shinimicas River), Stewart Bridge (North River), Sangsters Bridge (Avon River) and Ferrona Bridge (East River).

Deconstruction of East and West Lights, Sable Island. SNC Lavalin (2010).

Biological input to a screening level CEAA assessment of the dismantling of East and West Light towers, and a quonset hut, as well as removal of debris, focusing on species at risk, fisheries, wildlife, aquatic habitat, terrestrial habitat, and mitigation.

Environmental Assessment of a Mineral Sand Extraction Project, Shubenacadie River & Cobequid Bay, Nova Scotia. Rare Earth Mineral Sands Inc. Windsor, Nova Scotia, 2011-12.

Conducted background environmental studies and prepared an environmental assessment and regulatory submission for a project to extract heavy minerals from intertidal sand bars. The project involved background review, liaison with client and regulatory agencies, sedimentology and marine science input to the project.

Ocean Disposal Overview, Charlottetown Harbour. Environment Canada, Atlantic Region, 2008.

Prepared an overview report on ecosystems and environmental issues in Charlottetown Harbour and adjacent estuaries, to assist Environment Canada in managing and communicating the impacts of the Harbour’s ocean disposal site.

Monitoring of Seabed Biological Community, Sydney Tar Ponds Remediation Project. Dillon Consulting Ltd. 2011.

Assessed the soft-bottom animal community of Sydney Harbour as input to environmental monitoring for the remediation of the former Sydney Tarponds.